Friday, July 13, 2012

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Assalamualaikum.. Hai korang semua apa khabar harap sihat semuanya.. Di bawah adalah Ouoter untuk ucapan I miss You So much untuk sesorang yang tersayang.

I Miss You So Much Quotes For Him and Her

1. From the depth of my heart, feel for you a passion that can never be killed now and forever. I feel that love that only true lovers can feel. I cherish you so much my sweetheart even in the darkest hour of the night my heart never sleeps but thinks about you. The distance is far but your presence is with me. I miss you so much!

2. No matter where you are far or near, my love will continue to be for you alone. Now and forever, I will always remember you for the genius that you are. I may not be able to give you all that you need in life but I will always be yours, I Miss You this Much!

3. Your absence has kindled the burning desire in my heart to always want to be with you—it has caused more loneliness to me than the pleasure I derive from remembering all the sweet moments we have spent together. Your return is my concern may God bless you!

4. I have a reason to be happy always and be sad just once in a while; I am happy always whenever you are around me but sad in a while as you step your toes away from me, now and forever I wish you the best wherever you may be, I miss you very much!

5. The worst is now that distance has taken you away for so long as though you will never come back again. I am tired remembering you all I want to see are your beautiful face and passionate smile; I wish you a wonderful quest!

I Miss You So Much Quotes for Him

6. My life is incomplete without you and that is why I will always miss you whenever a quest warrants you’re leaving. I love that powerful smile that emanates from the sweetest part of your heart and that lovely impact you show to me whenever we are together. I Miss You so Much!

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