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Ways To Engage In Lifelong Learning

Learning is a life-long journey. Life-long learning is about reaching you full potential and can help you achieve self-actualization in ways you never even dreamed of. It help preserves a person's thirst for new knowledge and helps develop an attitude where you constantly learn. This is one of the ways for individuals to succed in the dynamic, fast-changing world in which we live today.

Although traditional education generally has a beginning and an end, and culminates in tests, we don't stop have to stop learning after we leave the classroom and exams. 

1. Make it a habit to read often and widely 
Technology today helps keeps everything within reach of our fingertips. Reading does not always have to be in the form of paper. Although newpapers and books are a good source of information, everything you can possible need can be accessed online. Above all, be curious. Your curiosity will drive your endeavor to read more. 

2. Start a personal project 
A project can be anything that you have interest in. For some it can be a small investment project. For others it could be developing app, such as a loan calculator Malaysia. Whatever the case, these ideas can be an example and foundation in which the learning process can be applied to various other scenarios. 

3. Keep yourself in smart company

 Make friends with people you find interesting. Reach out to intellectuals and influencers. Organise meet ups with people that have different viewpoint and ideas. Encourage your friend to exahange and explore more ideas and topics.

4. Teach others what you have learned 

You don't have to be professional teacher to help other people learn. In fact, teaching others what you already knoe is a sure-fire way to ensure that you really understand the topic in hand. In other words, it is a real test of your own knowledge. 

5. Have a list of things you want to explore

Keep a bucket list of things you are interested in. Before jumping in unprepared, spend some time researhing topics you have heard of, and keep notes when you see something pop out that piques your interest. Once you have a list, you can see clearly what topics interest you the most, and this is a good way to get you started on your learning journey. 

6. Have a conducive learning evironment 

Set up a personal space in your home, such as a library or study, that is a comfortable and conducive place to learn. This helps you keep yourself on track and avoid the pitfalls of juggling other spaces to be used for learning and reading. 

7. Experiment with new ways to learn 

Explore a variety of ways of learning to help you find which way is the best for you. You may be an auditory learner or a visual learner. Or you might be both. Explore alternative ways, such as drawing diagrams, watching documentaries, creating mind maps, and music to help you expand your horizons.

8. Participate in study groups 

You can create a study group in your local library of coffee shop. Or you can even form a virtual study group online. The point is to be able to collaborate and learn form people with varying experiences from all walks of life. Take in these insights and knowledge from others and apply it to your own journey. 

9. Find a job that encourages learning 

Most professional jobs will require some degree of learning. Whether this is in the form of training, workshops or guidance, pursuing a career in a dynamic and evolving environment will keep you constantly on your toes, and esure you never stop learning and developing your own skillset. 

10. Never stop being curious 

Curiosity is the key that drives our need and want to learn. Make it priority to keep yourself perpetually, epistemically and perceptually curious. This helps you ensure that you are naturally motivated to learn, and will help you be better prepare to learn things that you would normally consider boring or diffcult.

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mrsliez delete March 13, 2018 at 7:01 PM

Good tips.. no 1 is the main point.. keep reading to expose you more

adianiez AIDA delete March 15, 2018 at 6:00 PM

amalan membaca ni penting, ekin.
kena amalkan. tapi ikot la genre apa kan yg kita minat.
aida ni hah dah tua-tua (bak kata emak aida la) baru nak sambung masters.
alhamdulillah ada sponsor la kan. if not, garu kepala jugak la nak membyr.
tu pun satu lagi. kemampuan.
tapi tu la. tak semestinya belajar secara formal baru berjaya.




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