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Shapewear has always been a great option for those women want to look amazing during the special event but shapewear has evolved so much with the years that now they are not only used by a few people but by everyone who wants to have an amazing figure and not only during these types of event. 

Shapewear Outfits That Will Make a Lasting Impression

As previously mentioned, shapewear used to be used by selected few, especially because of the sizing, but nowadays we can see every single body tyoe being able to wear wholesale shapewear outerwear and shapewear in general.

Wholesale One-shoulder Cut Out Waist and Abdomen Compression Shapewear Bodysuit

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Shapewear outerwear are pieces of shapewear that have the appearance of normal, everyday clothing. Even if they would love as normal clothing they will provide you with their promised shaping effect, depending on the compression. This new shapewear category has become very popular in the last year and we will be seeing it all around social media.

It includes pieces like bodysuits, built-in shaper dress, leggings, pants, tops, and many other pieces that will give the best shaping effect without having to wear a shapewear underneath your favorite outfit. 

One of the most popular pieces that we will see online and in many different outfits are the bodysuits. They look amazing with high-waisted jeans and blazers, and depending on how good and comfortable are you wearing heels, you can pair them with heels or your favorite chunky sneakers

Wholesale Waist Trimming Straight-leg pants with Built-in Shaping Shorts

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Outfits that will make a lasting impression 

Thanks to shapewear outerwear we can improve how we look, as these pieces will not only become the main part of our outfits but also will provide an amazing shaping effect giving you an amazing hourglass figure, that you’ll want to flaunt everywhere. 

If you are looking for outfits that feel bossier and are perfect to wear at the office, then a pair of shaping trousers, preferably, high-waisted. A nice oversized blazer and a nice pair of heels or heeled sandals will be perfect and make you look like you are the boss. 

If you want a more casual but edgy look you can add either a pair of leather trousers or a leather jacket with a white bodysuit that will make you look like you are ready to rock, and probably attend your favorite rock band concert too. 

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More casual outfits to wear every day are the shaping dresses. You can pair them with sneakers or sandals and you can run errands and enjoy the day or lounge in them if you want. 

Dresses can be a good option to have brunch or lunch with your besties and if you want to go to a bar for casual drinks with them, add a denim jacket to keep you a little bit warmer. 

As you can see there are plenty of outfit ideas you can implement and even you can create your own, depending on your own style and preferences. In the end, fashion is all about portraying your personality with clothes. So, pick the pieces that make you feel the most comfortable and the most like yourself. 

You won’t regret getting these pieces as they will save you a lot of time in figuring out what to wear, wearing an extra layer, meaning your shapewear under the outfit. We believe that everything that saves us a little bit of time is always worth trying and if it’s clothes that give us hourglass figures, even better. 

If you want to get the best shapewear and specifically very stylish shapewear outerwear, we highly recommend you to try Waistdear, they are our favorite wholesalers. They offer a wide range of products with the highest quality and the lowest wholesale prices. 

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fanny_dcatqueen delete November 30, 2023 at 7:47 AM

Shape wear ini sering saya pakai saat baru melahirkan, badan masih melebar soalnya kan 😄. Memang membantu lah. Tapi saat ini dah tak pakai Krn dah berat badan dah balik. Nyaman pakai shapewear, asalkan size-nya sesuai dengan tubuh kita dan cari material yg tak buat gatal



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