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Unique Gift Ideas To Add To Special Baby Hamper | Little Flower Hut |It is nice to give something cute and special to baby and parents on baby shower party. A Baby Hamper filled with unique gifts is an ideal gift to give or send on this special event. If you want to give items that are useful and functional for baby's daily needs,always consider what the Little Flower Hut Florists or the experts say. For your wonderful Baby Shower Gifts Singapore, here are some of the unique gift ideas to choose from:

Soothing Sound Devices 

The new baby needs more hours of sleep to grow and develop better during the first three months. Parent will need the help they can get in order to give the new baby the sleep they need. With a newborn hamper that contains this special soothing sound device,your gift is indeed heaven-sent. 

Crib Sheets 

It is nice to have several pieces of crib sheet readily available anytime of the day. It is also helpful for the parents to have something that will make easy sheet change. This item will be an ideal and unique gift to add to any hamper delivery. If you are thinking of something useful and easy-to-use, why not add a few pieces of crib sheets for your gift of hamper? 

Banana Training Toothbrush 

This teething toy is also a training toothbrush. It is a perfect toy to give on baby showers. It is safe for babies at 3 months to 12 months of age. You can add this unique baby item to any hampers of gift for baby shower, especially if you plan to give a set of feeding bottles and items. 

Non-Contact Thermometer 

Complete your baby hamper of medical and first-aid supply with a non-contact thermometer. This baby item is a perfect baby first month gift. This device usually has dual mode to get and measure the temperature via the forehead of the baby or ears. It can be used even without waking up the baby,especially during those times when the baby is sick. The new mom will surely appreciate you for this gift. 


These unique baby gifts are great for the baby shower gifts. If you want to make your gifting more wonderful and memorable on baby shower party, you can pick unique gifts to complete the Baby Hamper. The flower shop can help you customize a special hamper gift for the new parents and for the baby.

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wahh boleh beli hadiah ni utk kwn rabia hehe.

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comel la barang baby ni, boleh buat hadiah :)

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